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Printable Blood Pressure Chart

Free Printable Blood Pressure Chart

If you’ve recently had your blood pressure taken, you might be wondering where on the scale you sit. Is your blood pressure normal… is it low.. or do you have elevated blood pressure or hypertension?

Find out which blood pressure category you fall into using our handy printable blood pressure chart. The blood pressure categories are based on the American Heart Association guidelines.

  • The table section shows the blood pressure categories and the ranges.
  • The chart section shows the ranges visually and makes it easy to see the categories

Understanding Blood Pressure Readings and Categories

If you want to understand more about blood pressure, what the readings mean and how it is categorized – check out our post here.

Monitoring Your Blood Pressure?

If you have hypertension and are monitoring your blood pressure levels from home  – you might find our free printable blood pressure log useful. You can print it out and use it to record your daily readings.

Download The Blood Pressure Chart PDF

Download the chart by clicking the button below. 

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