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Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

Many things can cause your blood pressure to increase. Factors such as age, race, family history and genetics can make you more likely to develop high blood pressure. But those are things you can’t control!

The good news is your lifestyle also plays a major role and can directly affect your blood pressure. This is something you have the power to do something about!

Lifestyle Factors

Anyone can develop high blood pressure. Many lifestyle factors can cause high blood pressure including physical inactivity, tobacco and alcohol use, stress and your diet. Certain medications can also cause high blood pressure.

Lose Belly Fat

Obesity plays a role in high blood pressure. If you are over weight you are at a higher risk of having high blood pressure as well as a stroke or heart disease. Losing weight will help lower your blood pressure significantly.

Eating a healthy diet is a great way to lower and control your blood pressure. Limit your intake of salt and sodium and introduce more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet. Once you establish your healthy diet you will have less worry of developing high blood pressure. It doesn’t have to be all lettuce and celery though – check out how to make guilt free and fat burning desserts!

When you are young you might be more active than when you get older. Try to stay active and if you aren’t, get active. All it takes is thirty minutes a day of physical activity or exercise to control your blood pressure and better your health. >>> Discover the ONE organ that causes high blood pressure and the easy exercises that tackle it.

In the modern world, stress is an unavoidable part of everyday life. Chronic stress can affect your blood pressure. Try to remove the cause of the stress if possible. When you feel stressed or overwhelmed – make time to unwind with your favourite hobby (providing it’s not sky diving!) Relaxation techniques such as breathing, yoga and meditation can also help to calm the mind and body and reduce your blood pressure.

The numbers of people smoking are declining each year. It’s no secret that smoking is bad for you so maybe now is the time to cut back or give it up completely. Smoking raises your blood pressure and heart rate, narrows your arteries and hardens their walls, and increases your risk of heart disease and stoke.

Know Your Numbers

Keep track of your blood pressure readings so you can see what is helping and what isn’t. Blood pressure readings can vary from day to day so it’s important to monitor them over time.

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If you want to understand your blood pressure numbers then check out our free printable Blood Pressure chart. See which blood pressure category you fall into!

If you are struggling to get your blood pressure under control with lifestyle changes alone then discuss your options with your doctor or caregiver.